16 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

bigstock-Microwave-popcorn-25540439It’s probably not something you think about every day, whether or not the foods you are eating could contain carcinogens, but with almost 1.5 million people diagnosed with some type of cancer just last year, perhaps it’s time to look at what is in our foods that could be causing such a huge number of new cancer patients. Here is a list of the top 10 foods that you most likely consume every day that may contain carcinogens or be suspected of causing cancer.

1. Microwave Popcorn

Those little bags of popcorn are so convenient to just stick in the microwave, you wouldn’t think for a minute that they could be dangerous to your health, but they are.

First, let’s talk about the bag itself. According to Wikipedia, conventional microwave popcorn bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid ( PFOA). This is a toxin you can find in Teflon also. According to a recent study at the University of California, PFOA is linked to infertility in women. Numerous studies in lab animals and humans show that exposure to PFOA significantly increases the risk of kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas and testicular cancers. You can read more about this substance and the above mentioned studies at cancer.org.

Now, let’s talk about the contents. Although every manufacturer uses slightly different ingredients, most of them use soybean oil (a GMO product) as well as various preservatives such as propyl gallate, a chemical that is causes stomach problems and skin rashes. Now they don’t actually say they are using GMO corn kernels, but that’s because the government says they don’t have to. Even if they don’t use GMO corn, you can bet they aren’t using organic corn!

Also, applied to the popcorn itself, is a chemical called diacetyl. Use of this chemical caused Conagra Foods to remove it from their brand of popcorn, ACT, because it was causing lung diseases in the workers at their factory.

Nick Gordon checked into rehab for drugs after ranting he might kill himself during a taped appearance with Dr. Phil.


Nick Gordon checked into rehab for drugs after ranting he might kill himself during a taped appearance with Dr. Phil.

Bobbi Kristina‘s boyfriend sat down with Dr. Phil in Atlanta earlier this week for what he thought would be an interview — but we’re told it was more like an intervention organized by Phil and Gordon’s mother.

During the taping, Gordon talked about committing suicide if Bobbi Kristina didn’t pull out of the coma. We’re told Gordon’s mother complained her son was severely depressed and abusing drugs.

It’s unclear where Gordon is getting treatment and for how long.


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Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao Press Conference on March 11

030315-sports-buzz-Manny-Pacquiao-floyd-mayweather-jrBoxing fans don’t need Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao to hype up their mega bout. After all, fight fans have been waiting five-plus years for the match to be cemented — something that finally happened last month when the bout was scheduled for May 2. However, according to ESPN, the two boxers will appear at a press conference March 11 at a location to be determined in Los Angeles. The fight, which will unify the boxers’ welterweight world titles, is expected to break all box-office boxing records.

Report: Chris Brown Is Father of 9-Month-Old Baby Girl Singer allegedly had first child with a model named Nia.


Chris Brown has one more lady in his life. The singer is the father to a 9-month-old baby girl, TMZ reports. The baby’s mother is a model named Nia, and though the news is a big surprise to his fans, Brown has known about the child for months and is on good terms with his former fling.

Brown, 25, is also reportedly happy about being a dad. While it doesn’t seem like any formal custody or child support arrangements are in place, it does appear that, for now at least, the one-time lovers have worked out an amicable arrangement when it comes to their child.


The news comes just days after Breezy told The Breakfast Club that he had a fantasy of impregnating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna and on-again/off-again love Karrueche Tran — we gotta wonder what she thinks about all this — at the same time.

He also shared this about his views on settling down: “I’m cool having a baby. I’m not cool with giving you half of what I’ve earned all my life. Prenups all that, it’s cool.”